Training Services

The Missouri Police Chiefs have been providing training to the Missouri Law Enforcement Community for over (60) sixty years.  Training and enhancing professionalism through training are the foundation of the Missouri Police Chiefs.  The MPCA was the first law enforcement association to be recognized and licensed by the State of Missouri as an “Approved Provider” of law enforcement training.   Both the Missouri Police Chiefs Association and the Missouri Police Chiefs Charitable Foundation has been honored and maintained their recognition and licensing as “Approved Providers” since their original designations as “Approved Provider”.

The Missouri Police Chiefs provides various training service options all live courses, conferences, DARE DOT, Basic and Advanced SRO, and Command College can be viewed and registered to attend by going to the “Events Icon” for on-line training services you can go to the Virtual “Training Icon”  on this web site.

The MPCA also provides two other types of training services entitled “In-Services Contracted Training Services” and “Training Certification Services”:

In-Services Contracted Training Services” – This service provides a law enforcement agency’s in-service training by agreement.  MPCA and the LE agency identify desired training topics and a schedule of delivering the agreed upon training live at the agency and on a schedule the minimizes accrual of overtime, travel expenses,  administration demands of coordinating instructors and required POST training documents, and allows the agency to focus on the training they deem is needed by their agency as the MPCA takes care of coordinating the training,  POST certification of the training, conduct reporting requirements, and file retention/audits.

Training Certification Services”  – This service provides a law enforcement agency or other entity that provides law enforcement training a means to conduct training seminars or conferences and the MPCA or MPCCF certify the training by conducting the administrative function of obtaining the required POST LE Continuing Education documentation, conducting the required reporting, and maintaining the training files which are audited every three years to the POST administrative staff as a requirement of both the MPCA and MPCCF “Approved Provider” license as LE Approved Providers of law enforcement continuing education.

For more information on “In-Services Contracted Training Services” and/ or  “Training Certification Services” contact the MPCA at 573.636.5444.