Membership Application -rev 10.26.21Membership Information and Application

Gain the Professional Advantage

Membership Application (4.22)

MPCA is the leading organization in the field of law enforcement.  Law enforcement officials find MPCA membership gives them a valuable professional edge – the MPCA Advantage.

MPCA membership is open to all local and state law enforcement agency officials, criminal justice, police planners, retired police officers, private security officials, police clerks, business organization officers and local citizens.

All of these groups work together with MPCA to improve law enforcement and the criminal justice system in Missouri.


Since 1953, the MPCA has provided members with the resources they need to enhance performance and
ensure continued success and effectiveness. With more than 600 members statewide, MPCA is the leading
organization in the field of law enforcement. Law enforcement officials find that the MPCA membership
gives them valuable professional edge – the MPCA Advantage.


What is the MPCA?
Since the original conception, the MPCA’s goals, purposes and objectives have evolved to:


Develops an official and personal cooperation between chiefs, law enforcement and goverrn11erttal
agencies. Promotes professionalism, training and public relations. Also, provides pertinent information
pertaining to law enforcement.


Is your voice, a strong voice, at the Missouri State Capitol protecting the profession of law enforcement.
A proud sponsor of the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run and other community
betterment activities.


Membership Defined


Active: Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, Directors of Public Safety, Superintendents, Commissioners, Assistant
Chiefs of Police, Deputy Chiefs of Police, Chief Executive Officers and Division Heads of Railroad Police,
Chiefs of Campus Police, and officers with the rank of Lieutenant and above.



Retired Active: A person may apply for Retired Active Membership if he or she has been a member of the
MPCA for at least ten (10) years and is retired from active service.


Active Under 10: A person may apply for if his/her department has less than 10 officers and is serving as
the chief administrator of any national, state, county, or municipal law enforcement agency having actual
supervision of and receiving salaries from any legally constituted governmental jurisdiction; persons
assigned to law enforcement agencies with the rank of Lieutenant and above and receiving full salary;
Assistant to the Chief Administrator of any federal or state law enforcement agency; Chief
Administrators and Assistant Chief Administrators of railroad police and campus police.


Second Active: All law enforcement officers with the rank of lieutenant and above which has at least one
active member from their agency. (Dues discount for departments having more than one MPCA member).


Third Active: All law enforcement officers with the rank of Lieutenant and above from an agency which has at
least two or more active members.(Dues discount for departments having multiple MPCA members).


Command College Graduates: All officers who have graduated from MPCA’ s Command College.


Police Clerks: Police clerks or records clerks


DARE: All officers who are certified DARE instructors.


SRO: School Resource Officers.




Supportive: Any officer or individual who has trained or possesses experience or are educators in police
science or administration; any officer or individual who doesn’t fall in the above categories; or any individual
who is supportive of the objectives and purposes of the MPCA.


Law Enforcement Service Providers: Vendors and entities who provide services to Law Enforcement. With
your membership, you will receive your preference in booth placement at conferences and email updates
throughout the year.


Life: Having served as President of the Association and is retired from service