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What is the MPCA Legal Defense Fund and How do I Join?

Created to provide specialized legal defense services and annual training, the MPCA Legal Defense Fund is an optional member benefit offered to active Chiefs of the Missouri Police Chiefs Association.
This exclusive offering is designed for only those holding the title Chief of Police or a department’s second in command (Assistant Chief)


Who is Eligible to Join the MPCA Legal Defense Fund?

To subscribe to the MPCA Legal Defense Fund, you must be an Active Member of the Missouri Police Chiefs Association in good standing and hold the title Chief of Police or a department’s second in command (Assistant Chief).


What Does MPCA Legal Defense Fund Do for Me?

The Legal Defense Fund provides you with legal representation in defense of the administrative portion of disciplinary action that results in loss of pay (including but not limited to, demotion, suspension, or termination) is bought or proposed against you by your employer pursuant to its disciplinary structure because of an act or omission by you within the scope of your employment. Additionally, specialized training and updates on employment law are presented at our annual Chiefs Conference.

 Legal Defense Services

MPCA-LDF pays your legal fees for defending the administrative portion of your disciplinary action by providing you with an attorney skilled and experienced in defending and representing law enforcement officers. Our program, unlike others, does not have an exclusion for discipline that arises from performance of activities in your capacity as an administrator or department head. Also, there are no co-payments or deductibles for you to pay. When you join MPCA- LDF, your coverage begins sixty days after your membership application is approved for any matters other than those that you did or should have known would result in discipline when you joined.  You may renew annually for as long as you are still an active member of MPCA in good standing and acting as a chief or assistant chief.


What does it cost to be a member of the MPCA- Legal Defense Fund?

The annual fee for membership is only $500, renewable every year that you are an active member in good standing. Payment in full is required, and may be made by department check, personal check, or any major credit card (subject to a 4% processing fee).



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