Promotional Assessment Centers

The MPCA has conducted assessment centers since 1999 for  cities across the state of Missouri.  The MPCA has (17) seventeen years of experience in conducting assessment centers.  The MPCA been  committed to its mission of enhancing professionalism within  law enforcement for over 60 years.  MPCA began providing promotional and chief assessment centers to promote the selection of professional law enforcement supervisors and  law enforcement executives to serve the  citizens of this great state and all those that visit Missouri.

The MPCA conducts assessment centers for all ranks (from corporal to chief of police) within a law enforcement agency for promotions and processes involving internal and external candidates. MPCA can provide an extensive list of the cities and agencies it has provided it’s assessment services for.


  1. Chiefs and/or city representatives contact the MPCA by phone (573.636.5444) or email ( that they are interested in the MPCA  assessment services.
  2. Contract for services.
    • Define location to hold the assessment center.
    • Define the number of individual to be assessed (NA if Chief).
    • Define the city requirements for the position.
    • MPCA & City defines in-basket and primary goals.
    • MPCA & City defines date to hold assessment.
  3. MPCA meets with Chief and others that he or she designates to review operations, shifts, expectations, and operating policy. In the case of Chief selections, the MPCA will meet with representatives of the cities to identify and assist in selection criteria and public notifications.
  4. MPCA prepares all testing devices and interview panels.
  5. City obtains resumes/applications and provides to MPCA or the MPCA can receive and provide them to the city.
  6. MPCA and City and/or chief defines contract terms and executes contract.
  7. MPCA conducts assessment.
  8. MPCA prepares final report for the City in a ranking format. (See Sample Chief Final Report below.
  9. Process Concluded.


The time depends on when the process is sought by the agency/city and scheduling availability of the MPCA.  The price depends on the number of candidates and travel required.  The average range is between $2,000 to $5,000 for promotions process and $4,000 to $10,000 for Chief processes, which depends on who makes notifications, conducts advertising, and processes applications.

Chief Proposal