The model policies included herein are provided as a tool and a practical guideline in the formulation of your own departments internal policies and procedures. We suggest that you consult with your department's legal counsel in the development and implementation of policies and procedures.

The Missouri Police Chiefs Association provides this information as a courtesy to our membership.

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These policies are divided up into three (3) volumes and a rules & regulation section.  For easy access to each volume, click on the Volume Number or Rules & Regulations link below.  A list of polices in that volume are listed after the volume link.

Closed Records Policies

Volume One - Body Armor, Code of Ethics, Complaint Review, Confidential Funds, Confidential Informants, Cooperative Drug Enforcement Unit, Corruption Prevention, Domestic Violence, Emergency Vehicular Warning Devices, Executing a Search Warrant, Evidence Control, Harassment in the Workplace, Mutual Assistance, Off-Duty Powers of Arrest, Post-Shooting Incidence Procedures, Response to Civil Litigation, Secondary Employment
Springfield Officers' Pledge of Honor, Substance Abuse, Transportation of Prisoners, Vehicular Pursuit

Volume Two - Bank/Financial Alarm Response, Career Development, Civil Disturbances, Conducting Stakeouts, Field Interviews and Pat-Down Searches, Grievance Procedures, Hate Crimes, Hostage/Barricaded Subject Incidents, Juvenile Curfew Enforcement, Juvenile Enforcement and Custody, Law Enforcement Canines, Line of Duty Deaths, Motor Vehicle Searches, Motor Vehicle Stops, Mobile Video Recording Equipment, Police -Media Relations, Police Victim Assistance, Prevention of Bloodborne Diseases, Showups, Photographic ID and Lineup, Strip and Body Cavity Searches,

Volume Three - Civilian Personnel, Court Protection Orders, Crime Analysis, DOR Peace Officer Information Restriction Request, Employee Mental Health Services, Family & Medical Leave, Handling the Suspicious Package, Interrogations & Confessions, Investigating Child Abuse, Investigating Sexual Assault, Lockups & Holding Facilities, Major Crime Scenes, Missing Persons, Motor Vehicle Inventories, Multi-Agency Investigation Teams, Obtaining a Search Warrant, Pepper Aerosol Restraint Spray, Personnel Transfer & Rotation, Protection of Firearms, Race Based Traffic Stops, Strikes & Labor Disputes, Temporary Light Duty

Rules & Regulations - Law Enforcement Operations, Traffic Stop Information Checklist

Closed Records Policies (April, 2007)

Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Three

Rules and Regulations


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